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Classes and Workshops


Matthew van der Giessen has been an educator and somatic practitioner for over 30 years.  He has taught nationally, and has published numerous articles on somatic practice and education.  He brings a strong belief in practical results to each of his classes, providing somatic practitioners with solid tools for daily clinical practice.  

Matthew's classes draw upon his many years of experience as an educator.  Each class has a clearly organized structure that will help you understand each concept, then integrate it through practical application.  Ideas are presented sequentially, each providing a solid foundation to the development of your skills.

About Classes and Workshops
Somatics Institute's somatic classes and workshops give you practical tools for your personal and clinical practice. 

Functional Anatomy courses open the world of soft tissue patterns. Matthew has explored the interconnected world of nerves, muscles, bone and connective tissue. Using both body and mind, Yoga instructors, movement therapists and hands-on practitoners have learned to deepen their understanding of the inner world of the body through movement, touch and building muscles in plasticene using the unique Maniken™ teaching tool.

You can find out more about upcoming classes by looking at the calendar to the right, or by looking through the class descriptions below.

For a wonderful description of her take on my classes, check out this blog entitled "Inspirational Anatomy by yoga instructor Pam Moskie.

My SomaLab blog with more about applied somatics is at:


Videos describing each of the workshops are being uploaded as they become availalble. You can find them on the Links page.


Anatomy and Expression 5 day seminars are held every year through Rosen Method Institute Canada.

The seminars are open to non Rosen Method pracitioners. You can find out more here.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Soma: The Body Experienced from Within

Workshops at:

Bowen Island Yoga
February 25, April 29
More information


Qi Integrated Health
1764 W. 7th, Vancouver
March 26, April 30, May 28
Information poster here
Registration link

Somatic Studies Program


10 Saturdays, once a month
9am - 4pm

Read this blog for more information

For more information on classes email or call/text me
(778) 952-3757

The course outline can be found here

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