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Archive for December 2008

Climbing Stairs

In early December we had the first meeting of the SomaLab. In it I introduced some of the concepts I have described in the first two posts to this blog. I also presented an example of how we can use somatics principles to guide us in our engagement with body experience. The reading, entitled, “Climbing…

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What is Somatics?: Principles and Techniques

In the fall of 1986, Somatics Journal published an article by Don Hanlon Johnson entitled “Principles versus Techniques: Towards the Unity of the Somatics Field”. In it he outlined an argument for the study and development of a theory base that, he postulated, underlay and united all body-centred practices. These principles, Johnson wrote, became the…

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What is the SomaLab?

Welcome to the first post of my SomaLab blog. The SomaLab is year-long journey of exploration into the underlying principles of body-centred healing, and their integration into practical application. This version of the SomaLab is the latest manifestation in my 25 year study of the question, “What is it that makes body-centered practices work?”, that…

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