The Embodiment Project

Presenter: Matthew van der Giessen

Matthew van der Giessen has been an educator and somatic practitioner for over 30 years. He has taught nationally, and has published numerous articles on somatic practice and education. He brings a strong belief in practical results to each of his classes, providing somatic practitioners with solid tools for daily clinical practice.

Matthew’s classes draw upon his many years of experience as an educator. Each class has a clearly organized structure that will help you understand each concept, then integrate it through practical application. Ideas are presented sequentially, each providing a solid foundation to the development of your skills.

Calendar links will be posted below as courses and workshops become available

Embodiment Project Evening in Edmonton @ Roots on Whyte
Feb 13 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
If you’re in Edmonton, this is an evening you won’t want to miss.  Come and join Matthew as he introduces you to a remarkable journey  – The Embodiment Project. It starts with a simple question: What would it be like if you could learn practical, everyday skills that help you be just a little more present to yourself…and the world around you. The Embodiment Project is a nine week inquiry into the best body-centred practices from around the world…and throughout the ages.   It starts with the most basic question – What happens if you take a moment to notice yourself?  Drawing upon insights from leading somatic pioneers, each week invites you in a process of embodied inquiry.  How are surfaces a mirror – sometimes clear and sometimes distorted – that  locate you in the world?  How can the sensations of movement awaken your authentic response to this moment? How can learning to inhabit your body and your space support you in taking your place in the world. This is not a journey to be taken on your own.  The Embodiment Project invites you into a community of like minded travellers.  The Project’s on-line forum provides you with an opportunity to find support with your embodiment challenges, and to be inspired by the insights of other forum members. Matthew van der Giessen has had 35 years experience supporting the embodiment practices of the Edmonton community.  Starting with a massage practice, Matthew spent years exploring the field of centred practices, developing a variety of classes and workshops for body centred professionals, and those who just want to understand the role of their body in everyday life.  His teaching approach emphasizes what is simple, practical, effective. Come and join Matthew for an evening of embodied inquiry as you learn more about the Embodiment Project.