Inhabiting Yourself Workbook Project

Hi, Matthew van der Giessen here.  Welcome to the Workbook workshop!  It’s a work in process.  Watch for changes as it begins to take shape.

This Workbook is a co-creation of people like you.  It draws upon the experiences of its participants to make sure that it is grounded in the commonalities of shared experience while being enriched by the many unique voices through which the practices speak to each of our lives.

The Workbook is structured as a journaling approach to the nine weeks of the original Embodiment Project.  Each week follows the developmental theme of each of the nine weeks .  Each day provides ideas that will incrementally deepen the process.

Each week has a theme that guides you in sensing, moving, breathing and being more fully in contact with yourself, and your world.  A forum provides the opportunity to connect with others, and to hear directly from me.

I’m looking forward to joining with you on this remarkable journey