Forum Guidelines

The Embodiment Project Forum is a portal into sharing experiences and supporting the journey of fellow travellers across the wide world of the internet. Like any community it has some rules.

You will get your best experience from the forum if you follow these simple guidelines:

1. Respect for the Journey.
As you might expect, the Forum is a place where views are a statement of individual experience. You and everyone else should feel safe when posting. No criticizing or belittling.

2. Respond to Posts that Resonate.
When you read a post that speaks to you, consider continuing the conversation by posting a comment that describes how the poster’s story intersected with yours.

3. No advice, no theorizing. Just your story as it is grounded in your body.

4. Privacy.
The Forum is a place where you are encouraged to explore how you meet with yourself. Think of it as an interactive journal where you log the ‘aha’ moments in your journey and have dialogues about where it might speak to the journey of others. Just like any journal, you have the right to share your experience with whoever you choose. Don’t share anyone else’s posts outside the Forum, even if it is a response to something you posted.