The Embodiment Project

USD $10.00 / month

Subscription access to the Embodiment Project is available to any student who has completed the full Embodiment Project course and would like to maintain access to the course materials and online forum.

In Your Body … In the World
How do we move more fully into this moment?

Nine Weeks of Somatic Practices for Every Day Life

Nine Weeks, Nine Questions

  • What happens if you notice your body?
  • How do you know where your body contacts your world?
  • How do you know you are moving?
  • What does your tension tell you  about how you are moving in the world?
  • How does engaging with edges organize your movement?
  • How do you know you are breathing?
  • What are the edges of your breathing?
  • What does your body tell you about the space you inhabit?
  • How do you inhabit your space and interact with the world?

Build a body centered practice…

  • Each class builds a foundation in basic somatic skills
  • Somatic practices that highlight each week’s theme.
  • Introduction to practices you can explore in everyday life.

Includes Online resources:

  • Video documentation from each week
  • Forum to support your journey
  • Background information on concepts and practices from relevant somatic traditions


USD $10.00 / month