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In Your Body ... In the World

How do you move more fully into this moment?

Somatic Practices for Every Day Life

An introduction to sensing, movement and breath.

Essential skills to join with the life that is constantly seeking to emerge from within you.

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What would it be like to be more…

In your body?

Connected to yourself?

Connected to the world?

Build a body centred practice…

  • Learn somatic skills through body centred inquiry.
  • Examples from sensing, movement, breath and somatic psychology traditions.
  • Practice examples you can explore throughout each week.

Supported in an on-line community

  • On-line guide
  • Instructional videos from live classes
  • Community forum to support you in a learning community
  • Live web classes

Learn to inhabit yourself more fully in everyday life.

The Embodiment Project

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This Is How It Begins…